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Monster Games Productions is a developer and publisher of mobile games for smartphone and tablet devices.
Monster Games Productions offers products to multiple platforms including iOS and Android

About Monster Games

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Best car racing and simulation games. Easy, interesting and yet very challenging game play. Variety of car, truck and heavy machinery simulators with most natural physics based controls.

Car, bus or forklift can be driven manually and the operation can also be handled in the same fashion, try our warehouse forklift simulator and you will exactly find out what we mean.Big or small pallets, sitting on the top of the racks or the top of containers, forklift manual operation has covered it all.

In our car racing game, our main focus is to make the racing more interesting and challenging. Specail emphasis is given to AI (artificial intelligence) car, their speed varies depending on the player car speed. So If the player car fizz pass him, these AI cars will speed up even more and try to catch up, and make the racing even more thrilling.

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